May Intentions

With a new month upon us, it’s time to quickly reflect and plan ahead. I have been reflecting of late on purpose. When you leave the working world, a new purpose must be sought out so that you feel productive, useful and all around happy. We always have the purpose of handling the logistics of living ( taxes, groceries, cooking for family) but that is not personal.

I refer to the kind of purpose that fills your soul, lightens your spirit and gives you the motivation to jump out of bed each day. I have been struggling a bit to find mine.

So what have I come up with? Planning ahead to lead a creative life has always been my retirement goal. So with some inspiration from some fellow bloggers I have come up with my list for May. I hope that with focus on creating and enjoying life’s moments, I will be further motivated. These goals are to…

♡dust off the gratitude journal that I started Jan 1, and continue.

kpardell oslight beauty journal-20173742

♡Create an intentional free-write journal. Julia Cameron of The Artist’s Way, recommends 30 minutes of uninterrupted intentional writing.

♡Get up the gumption to approach a local store to sell my greeting cards

kpardell -20171641

♡Blog more

♡Respond to other blogs more often

♡practice some landscape photography in Hawaii

♡Work on cleansing the body of sugar, dairy and gluten. I usually feel better on the Whole 30 so I’ll be re-starting that tomorrow morning!

♡Read books that speak to creativity, spiritual growth and mindfulness.

♡Plant bulbs and focus on some new growth through gardening. Read books on annuals and perennial gardens. Always therapeutic.

kpardell dark purple observer book-20173824

♡Clean out my house. Eliminate as many “things” as I can. The fullness of life is not reached through your number of possessions.

♡Work on health. Stretch. Walk. Breathe. And repeat.

♡Sign up for a photography course with my brother-deserts or beaches TBD.

♡ See my daughter perform in The Marriage of Figaro in Vancouver, and take flowers!

kpardell -8972.jpg

What goals have you set for May?





10 thoughts on “May Intentions

  1. Hi Kathy, I love your list! I love love love lists of all kinds and I think they are really motivating. You will no doubt succeed at everything you put your mind to … enjoy your daughter’s performance you lucky mom!


  2. Kathy, this morning I discovered your blog through Artful Blogging. I am particularly drawn to your statement on ‘purpose’ “…the kind that fills your soul, lightens your spirit and gives you the motivation to jump out of bed in the morning.” That speaks to me deeply. I want that purpose.
    I have paper, I have a pencil, I have a camera. The question is, “Do I have something to share?” Thank you for starting that thought process.
    And for reminding me of Julia Cameron’s book, The Artists Way. I read it years ago and I just might read it again.


    1. Oh how wonderful! I love that magazine. It inspires me to create and who doesn’t looking at lovely photographs? There’s so many creative people out there that I need to be careful not to measure my art against theirs. I need to create to fulfill ME, whether that is through blogging, journaling, knitting etc.
      You are no less worthy to share than anyone else believe me. The point is to start. You’ll feel so good that you took the first step. And we can always become more skilled. That’s the journey we are all on. Filling our spirits with what moves us and supporting others on their way. Best of luck. Stay in touch and let me know how it goes!


  3. Kathy,
    I love your May Intentions and the photographer is gorgeous.

    As always thank you for sharing,

    Ann 🙂


  4. Such a wonderful list. I, too, struggle with a purpose now that I’m retired and my days tend to drift. It is a good reminder to set intentions. I used to try to do morning pages but I would find I’d spend half the day writing them – once I start I have a hard time stopping! Your photos are exquisite. I especially love the one with the plant book and the botanical illustrations. It looks like an old one or reproduction. Can you share which book it is? You shouldn’t have a problem selling your cards – they’re beautiful. How wonderful that your daughter is performing and you get to travel for that special experience.


    1. Thanks Carolyn. You are so kind to comment on my photos. I work kind of hard on them and love the whole editing process. It can fill my day up if I’m not careful. Retirement yes…days drifting and also zooming by. I am trying to find my place in it all. Keeping busy is good but I wonder if I am avoiding real contemplation and meditative work that might bring me more soulful fulfillment. I’ll have to meditate on that…HA.
      The book is awesome. It’s called, The Pocket Guide to WildFlowers by David McClintock. I ordered it online ( used of course) and I think it came from the U.K. This was last year and my memory isn’t the greatest but I’m pretty sure. The inside has illustrations in every color of flower. There are yellow flowers, pink ones, purple ones, red, blue and black and white sketches too. It’s my favorite because I can match up my photo with any of the colors!Thanks for stopping by Carolyn. Have a great day!


  5. Wonderful intentions! It was a few months ago now, how did you go with your goals? Love your photography and styling, great job and very inspiring. Come take a look at my blog you might like it too 🙂


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