The Everyday Magic of Autumn-blog hop!

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I saw it yesterday, the magic of Autumn.

The glint of yellow-gold in the leafy greens nudging its way forward as if to shout, “It’s time dear brothers, follow me!”

Soon, his brothers will join him and their transformation will be rapid, magical and absolute.

kpardell FALL-0727

Autumn is by far my favourite season. I adore the cooler winds, a chance to recover from unflinching heat. Evergreens that stretch to the clouds rain down their cones for gathering. Crabapples of the brightest red beckon me to make jelly and summer whites fade away in order to make way for woolly scarves and plaids.

The magic sounds of Autumn are everywhere. They’re in the crispy crunch of leaves, the howling winds, the excited chatter of children racing to their first day of a new school year.

I feel magic in my bones during Fall. As the pages of August close, the door to September begins to beckon me to nest. Like chipmunks gathering nuts for their winter siesta, I too feel the desire to dive into new classes, marvel in the beautiful colours of Fall, make rhubarb pie, pull on my coziest old cashmere sweater, plan a bountiful October harvest meal to share.

The magic tastes of Autumn are distinct.  Pie dough and peach preserves that were abandoned to make way for fruit kebobs and frozen margarita’s will make their reappearance. Delicious drinks to warm chilly bones; lavender earl grey, and bulletproof coffee await.

kpardell caramel bread-20173535

Autumn magic is apparent in the smells of cinnamon, cardamom, and pumpkin spice. Earthy aromas from the last-cut grasses, and soils prepared for Autumn bulbs linger and replace the scent of salvia and geraniums that stood proudly in flower beds.

But the best Autumn magic is in the feeling. As a teacher, September means renewal, fresh starts and marvelling in the growth of both nature and humanity. Summer is lovely, but Fall is inviting, intoxicating, an enchantress that opens wide it’s short but richly deserving bounty.

For me, this Fall will bring a new baby into the family and send another baby to College. I will sail the Atlantic, join a new photography club, bake bread for my sons, experiment with new teas and sort through old memory boxes. The magic of Autumn is at hand and I want to dance in it’s glory.

What about YOU? How do you celebrate Autumn’s magical return? Be sure to leave a comment below and also remember to check out the other articles in this month’s blog hop!

14 thoughts on “The Everyday Magic of Autumn-blog hop!

  1. Kathy,

    Sounds like you have lots of exciting things happening this fall. I look forward to all of your adventures and gorgeous

    Fall brings walks and maybe a few hikes. Time for reflection and changing leaves. Lots of photography.



    1. I think that Fall is the best time for photography-the richness of the colours and all:) I should hike more, but the ol knees…)


  2. Such beautiful photos, Kathy! Yes, I always feel the excitement of autumn and revel in a chance to indulge in coziness. The golden light and clear skies and crisp air are glorious. Look forward to your lovely images.


  3. Autumn is always celebrated with visits to the orchard and and pie making afterward by the whole extended family. Last year we happened upon an Asian pear orchard and have added it to the list of must do’s for fall. Can’t wait to go back!


    1. What a great opportunity Karen. I’ve never taken the family to an orchard. They are so far away for us but making pie together sounds wonderful! Thanks for stopping by:)


  4. I share your excitement about Fall being around the corner. It seems nature has a way of preparing us for the changing seasons….Your photographs are just lovely….


  5. Kathy, your words and photography have inspired my anticipation for the crisp, cool Autumn air and a cup of hot spiced cider… Autumn here is time for the annual Apple Festival when our community comes alive with the tastes and scents of fresh baked apple breads and pies, and the colour and designs of local art and crafts. I will be Twisting Balloons into SMILES, and drinking in the giggles of the children as they anticipate and receive their whimsical creations.
    And then it will begin, the journey back within… Pulling the blanket over my toes and watching as the last leave falls from its branch, and dances down like a ballerina to the brightly covered ground below.
    Thank you for the memories of Autumns past and the dream of an Autumn, just around the corner.


    1. Nancy,
      You have painted such a vivid picture of your wonderful apple festival. It sounds like something I would LOVE to participate in-how lucky you are! Thank you for adding such beautiful words to this autumn story, and many thanks for stopping by:))


  6. Nicely written and absolutely beautiful photos! I wish I had the enthusiasm that you have for Autumn. Yes, the leaves are pretty and the colors beautiful, but I know the dreaded winter season is not long behind Autumn and that is one of my most dreaded seasons. I get sad when August arrives knowing the end of summer is soon to follow. I am interested in your bulletproof coffee however, and wondered which type you prefer? I would like to order some and try it for myself. Thanks for sharing your lovely blog!


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