Welcome Back!

I am welcoming myself back to Bloggerland. After a 5 month hiatus, I am welcoming you here, and if you stuck around while I took my break then my most humble thanks. Sometimes our lives can get a bit overwhelming and something has to go. For me, it was this blog and house organizing.

A brand new, early grand baby, followed by Christmas, followed by a new teaching assignment at the local college had me spinning and using every single minute of my time. But that is the past, and with my college course load dwindling down, I now have a bit of space in my life for writing and connecting.

I have partnered with MAPIFUL, an online map making company that can create maps for any city in the world. I have a few, but decided to feature my favourite city of London for this welcome back post.kpardell Light London Easter-20187273

My map arrived just in time for Easter, so if you care to see more, check out my Stories and pics on Instagram at kpardell.

kpardell amberplus Easter-

Once again, thank you so much for sticking around and a fond hello to my new followers!! I’m baaaaaaack!!

4 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

    1. Thank you Linda. Going 100 mph all the time takes its toll. Thanks for sticking around. I do appreciate it:))


    1. Thank you so much for sticking with me on my hiatus. Little ones are soooo exhausting. Glad to be back:))


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