Weekly Pleasures

Another weekly pleasures post! This post always makes me smile because there is always something to smile about. If you can’t see the silver lining or recognize the amazing little moments, then it’s time to start! Life is just better when you can take note of worldly pleasures. And with that…

  1. Chamomile tea- I have resisted this for awhile since I am firmly a black tea lover, but in an effort to stay away from sugar ( which goes with black tea in my world) I have switched things up to drinking this lovely yellow, calming tea.

kpardell saturday tea 3-20187583kpardell saturday 3-20187593

2. Spring cherry blossoms. It’s just that time of year, and with the horrendous 7 month winter we’ve had, these sweet florets just brighten the community.

kpardell saturday tea-20187579

3. Books- Summer is when I read the most and I have just finished a decent one. If you like a light quick read, one you can’t put down, then this is a good bet. Then She Was Gone, by  Lisa Jewell hits all my summer markers. It has intrigue ( mystery), unexpected events and a level of creepiness that keeps you invested.kpardell red peonies-20187677

I’d love to hear about YOUR summer pleasures!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Pleasures

  1. Hi Kathy…Loved your post. Gonna read the book it sounds like a read I will enjoy. My favorite spring blossom is my Mock Orange Tree. I watch and wait every year to see its gorgeous display and smell the amazing aroma it sends out. Being the creature of habit that most of us are, I can’t wait to get out onto the lake and laze away the afternoon fishing, swimming with a refreshing cooler close at hand , of course. Sorry no tea…that’s my winter drink lol

    Have a terrific summer. Looking forward to your next post…



    1. I’m not familiar with a mock orange tree. I’ll have to check one out because you make it sound so beautiful!
      On the lake, swimming and fishing-I can picture this for sure. Thank for sharing Jan!!


  2. Kathy, such beautiful photos! You’re so correct in stating the little moments in life need to be found. I’ve recently discovered audio books, which I am loving and I find I read (listen) to more books than ever, I will check this book out for sure. It’s especially wonderful while I’m photographing or editing. My small pleasure in a world of (sometimes) craziness. Oh, and my favorite new pleasure is holding my new grandson, so calming talking to a baby.


    1. A new grand baby. How sweet! I’ll have to start audio books while travelling, as they make the time pass quicker. Thanks for sharing your pleasures. Have a great week:))

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