Anxious rituals

  • Do you have any anxiety rituals?
  • Do you do well living with chaos or a haphazard environment?
  • Do you feel more in control when you have a tidy house?
  • Do you feel a calming peace once you completed vacuuming or when your yard has been  mowed and your flower beds look pristine?

If you’re anything like me, the state of my physical environment has a direct impact on my mood and I feel more in control and just plain happier when I have an organized home. That’s not to say every corner is perfect. The laundry may be piled up, but if its neatly tucked away in the hamper, and if my front entry is free of boots and shoes and the kitchen countertops have been wiped down, I can somehow breathe easier.

Sometimes on a busy day where I need to be out the door, I can talk myself into at least having the kitchen clean and my bed made before I have to leave. The “15 minute tidy” goes a long way to restoring order and therefore eases my ability to face other challenges in the day.

I had a friend many years ago, who HAD TO vacuum his rugs everyday even though there was no traffic/footprints because he had neither children nor pets. His house was incredibly clean however, he needed to see the vacuum lines on the rug and once that was done, he could get on with things. I used to laugh at this, until it became my affliction as well.

Some people need their work desk organized before leaving the office, others need to have that shot of caffeine, before they can face the day and yet others may check on their little one via daycare cams so that they can more easily settle themselves down to their daily tasks.

We are anxious beings in an anxious world and these habits or rituals serve as tools for us to cope with the demands of living. I know that when all my kids come home to visit and their suitcases and clothing and paraphernalia are spread across the 3 floors of our home,  I slowly begin to grit my teeth as my perfect order is washed over with broad strokes and the sure tale sign I’m anxious is when I find myself taking in big breaths as I walk about my now clutter-filled house.

I love when my kids come home. I am also perfectly fine when they leave. Then it’s the 60 minute tidy and back to Ahhhhhh.

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7 thoughts on “Anxious rituals

    1. Sometimes I think I’m a little ocd, which I likely am, but if I know a way to calm myself and it just involves picking up a vacuum, I think I’ll stick with it! Thanks for popping in Catherine! :))


  1. I’m the same way! I’m not a total neatnick but I like things to be organized and tidy. We live in a small cabin so when my son and his family visit (two grandkids), I have to try to be cool about it but I always breathe a sigh of relief when I get my house back in order. I also get anxious visiting my sons’ homes because neither they nor their wives have my tidy traits.


    1. That’s so funny. Me too. I can’t help but run around picking up their clothes and tidying the kitchen etc. when I am visiting my grand kids. Sitting around amongst a mess isn’t something I can do! Thanks for sharing Carolyn!


  2. Haha oh so true for some, I have quite thinking about it now and the vacuum might sit there for days before it gets done. Linda

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