Harvest Lunch

I have been thinking of how to stay connected to my friends even though I no longer see them daily. They could be called “work friends” as we developed our relationship through our work-teaching, coaching and through our bond of progressive leadership and best current practices in the educational field, but they are so much more than “work friends.”

They are my sisters. My confidantes. My posse.

So, though I am now living out my day to day behind a camera lens and crafting  and traveling, I don’t get to spend the time with them as I once did.

I needed to change that.

Rifling through some magazines got me thinking about the word… Gather.


Gather means “to bring together into one group”  but also to…

pick or harvest (any crop or natural yield) from its place of growth or formation.

And a Harvest lunch was born.


I had recently been to a friend’s home and she gave me a recipe for butternut squash soup. Just thinking about the colour of this soup got me excited to add to the colour palette with fresh autumn flowers, pumpkin plate decor, a green salad and of course a naked cake for dessert.



kpardell-lilly-mingle-20162653kpardell-lilly-mingle-20162686The ladies arrived and were true to form-thrilled to have lunch provided for them but also so thankful for the opportunity to get together again and celebrate friendship with some home-made food.

Little pumpkin placeholders, linens and silverware added to the event.

Although I may not be “working” with them any longer, throwing a lunch party where we can catch up helps to ease the feeling of being out of the loop and pushes me to grow creatively. We stay connected through texts and phone calls but sitting and laughing alongside these ladies was a gift.

Time passed all too quickly, and soon they ran off to the office and to schools we they coach new teachers.

I know the effort was worth it when as they were leaving, they asked if I would do this again in the spring.

I guess I have 4 months to think about what will be on the menu…

7 thoughts on “Harvest Lunch

    1. Hey Julie. I just saw your comment. IG is keeping me so busy I forget to check over here! It was a lot of fun but not something that I’m likely to do too often. I don’t really enjoy cooking so I had to spread my wings a bit just to make this soup and cake but it turned out so may inspire me to try again. Thanks so much for reading!!

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