Pretty in pastel

Remember the saying “All good things must come to an end?” I don’t think so.

It’s more like “All good things come around again!”

Take this typewriter for instance…Manual keys, typewriter ribbon, black fingers from changing black ribbon, margins, tabs, steel keys, typewriter font….Ah to see this icon again after so many years…

I am old enough to recall when I asked for a typewriter for Christmas. And I got one. The new electric had just come out and it made my school work so much more enriching. Along with this fancy machine came A+ marks and astoundingly big words, big enough to impress my stodgy English teachers, and deep insight as I clicked away on its stubborn keys.

Okay I am romanticizing the result of my electric baby back in 1970 something… But then came the computer and the typewriters of yesteryear became a collector’s item.

Many of us still use them in our still life photos, and they are so charming. But as I said, “All good things come around again, and since retro is definitely “IN”( you have only to visit any shopping mall to see the fashions; the throwback designs of Flintstones and Beatles on T-shirts everywhere, record players and bell-bottom jeans just to name a few) why not typewriters?

The best thing about it is that it comes in pastel pink and there is even pastel pink typewriter ribbon for your retro pleasure!

Envelopes, coloured ribbon, & notepads round out the paraphernalia. I’ve already made tags, cards and lists on mine. And although I bought myself one for my birthday as a silly treat, I keep thinking-what’s next? All new rotary phones? Tape recorders? Ink wells and fountain pens? Maybe the model T ford will be revived somehow…

For now, I am basking in the pastel pink glow of this little addition to my ever-growing collection of  “beautiful things.” and I’m happy that this one came around again.


7 thoughts on “Pretty in pastel

    1. It’s so pretty. I hope I can justify the price by making everyone cards and tags for Christmas…Thanks for stopping by Linda:)


  1. Sorry, my comment disappeared before I could type my name. Beautiful photos! I remember getting my first portable typewriter for Christmas in my teens – a manual one. It was a light green, Swiss made, designed for journalists. I used it throughout college and did not get an electric until a few years after college when I was home with my first child. I wanted to be a writer . . . I wish I still had that little green gem; sold it at a yard sale many many years ago. Sigh.


    1. Oh Carolyn. Aren’t they great? I wish I could get back a few things that I didn’t see the need for until too late. Thanks for stopping by the blog!:)


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