On Being Grateful


“Happiness  often seems like it will come to us in the distant future…but in reality it can be found in the simple things and unexpected moments. You will pay more attention to them if you write them down.”-Flow Mindfulness Workbook

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about Things That Make me Happy. Part 1. I have been thinking about the follow-up Part 2 for awhile.

As I read more about being present in the moments of life and truly enjoying them, (Mindfulness), I am more drawn to write about Things That I am Grateful for.

Apparently, gratitude provokes behaviour that we consider as moral and good and that grateful people are more caring, loving, reasonable and have more respect for others.  So it seems to me that I need to practice gratefulness with more intention.

“Gratefulness elevates, energizes, inspires and transforms..”-FLOW


And so, for today ( besides my family)I am grateful for;

  • new friendships that bring substance and meaning as well as inspiration
  • old friendships that embrace the history of my life
  • pumpkin spice lattes
  • new learning adventures
  • creative bursts that lead everywhere and where the possibilities are limitless
  • brilliant weather when the expected harsh winter takes a rest
  • choices
  • LIVE theatre ( starring a family member)
  • lovely stationery
  • my blog readers

This is my list today. If I truly live in the moments of life, this list will evolve and grow in abundance.

If you write down your own gratefulness list, what will it include?


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