Perfect peonies

There once was a girl who loved flowers

She’d gather in sun or rain showers

As peonies were her best 

Much better than the rest

She’d play with their petals for hours…




Peonies are perfect, and have long been my favourite flower. It dates back to childhood over 50 years ago, when they grew outside my childhood home. My mother ignored them but the massive blooms and the gorgeous scent drew me in and I was hooked.

Fast forward 30 years, and I finally had my own home. I have never been much of a gardener ( see this post ) but I insisted on buying young peony plants for our family home.

Unfortunately for me, my precious peonies have been “accidentally” mowed down or weed whacked to death by my husband or my sons who while helping to mow the lawn, thought they were a weed!!! This has happened several times, and each time a little part of me dies inside.

I have probably lost more of these plants than I have been able to protect, but somehow several batches have survived my family and I am now the proud mother to 7 peony plants.

When they bloom, they do so at the same time so I have an abundance of blooms for a few weeks. It’s an extravaganza of gorgeousness. I am happiest in July when they explode, and I spend my free time shooting them in a variety of poses.

kpardell peonies-20187956kpardell peonies and notebook-

Peonies have the most perfect petals. ( Say that 3 times fast!) Each time I deliver a bouquet to a friend, they are enchanted.

Unfortunately, their glory is coming to an end. The last bouquet was given away yesterday and I will be without them for another year.

It’s probably a good thing they only bloom once per year. As they fade, I eagerly anticipate their return next summer. If they bloomed all year, would I appreciate their beauty? Would I tend to them as religiously? Probably not. They remain my lovely gift for July.




5 thoughts on “Perfect peonies

  1. As the grateful recipient of a fragrant bouquet of your peonies, I can attest to their beauty and fragrance. Their scent has enveloped the house. I’ll look forward to next July as well.


  2. Beautiful story and photos. They bloom much earlier where I live. Our blooms have been gone for quite a while now but I do anticipate their arrival next year 🌸 and like you I look forward to photographing them again next year.


    1. Thank you so much. It’s my favorite shooting time of year along with fall leaves….The rest of the year can be a drought but peonies surely liven up the summer. Thank you for dropping by…)

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