Searching for Spaces

After painting my dining room white a few weeks ago, I have been enjoying the new space and the new photographic possibilities that present themselves when all 4 walls are white. I have a number of tables & chairs as well as props to style so I am pretty happy with my little studio. It really represents me and for now, it’s working quite well. A space within your home to escape to and bring you enjoyment is important especially for creatives…but we have also been trying to find a new living space now that we are ready to move on from our city.

kpardell toucha white chair-20171692

All the kids will be officially gone this fall and its time to go. We started the looking process a few years ago, and put offers down on at least 3 properties but something was always just a little off. As they say, no space is a perfect space. Several issues arose as we narrowed down the list of possibilities;

-a gorgeous mountain view but miles and miles away from anyone else. I need a community.

-A beautiful lake front home beside my brother. I need a house more reasonably priced.

-An oceanfront home big enough for all the visiting kids. I need a place much closer to an airport. 

We have looked at a variety of places that though lovely, didn’t check all the boxes. Until…last week. We finally found our place.

  • reasonably priced-check
  • water view-check
  • close to amenities-check
  • close to a community-check

It just feels really great to finally know where you are going in order to begin again, and though this new living space will have its challenges-making new friends, new hobbies, adjusting to a different environment, I am up for the challenge.

A re-charge of the waning batteries. A shot in the arm. A new start.

It’ll be difficult to leave behind friends and everything that allows me to stay in my comfort zone. This is where I raised my children. This is where my youngest sons were born. This is where we saw all 6 kids graduate, play sports and where they learned to drive. No doubt I will take a load of pictures of the house, the neighbourhood, the prairie. It won’t be easy but I have the next while to ease myself into leaving so that the transition will be joyful. I hope my heart will be in the right space to say goodbye. Until then, I will be content to play in my little studio space where I know I belong.

kpardell olight pussy willows-20171155






12 thoughts on “Searching for Spaces

  1. Such a beautiful space Kathy,

    Remember you have an amazing community to support you each step of the way.



  2. Congratulations! That is so exciting! We bought our mountain cabin when my youngest graduated from college and used it as a vacation cabin for ten years until my husband retired. Then two and a half years ago we moved here full time. We looked for years, as well, in the place we knew we wanted to be, but weren’t really prepared to buy until about the time we did, and I know all about near misses and unrealistic expectations and trying to find something in your budget. Though our cabin is smaller and farther out than I had originally hoped, it has been perfect. We love our location surrounded by nature, but twenty minutes away from an eclectic thriving small city. I could do with more storage space and an extra bedroom would be nice, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable we are with less. (One of these days we’ll probably do an addition.) Most of all we constantly want to pinch ourselves that we’re living where we do and how wonderful it has been. I’m wishing that for you, too, and hope you’ll share some pictures before long!


    1. Oh my gosh- What a wonderful gift to live among nature. That’s what I wanted as well. But you can’t have it all, but it is on a hilltop with a spectacular view….
      I’m sure I’ll be very happy there. Your place sounds idyllic Carolyn. Thanks for the well wishes and support:)


  3. I know your pain. We left our home of 16 years, where kids were raised and graduated, and moved 6 hours away. But adventure is fun! I like to think it keeps me young and thinking on my toes! Congrats on being patient and finding the just-so-right place! Can’t wait to follow your transition! You’ve got this!


    1. Thanks you so much Rhadonda! You seem pretty adventurous and I love your enthusiasm. It will be different in so many ways but I’m ready for it…I think! 🙂


  4. Very exciting and terrifying at the same time. You can always paint your entire new house white and you’ll have many studios. I suggest painting before the furniture arrives🙂


    1. Haha Deb. Yes, white everywhere, well except the wood. Come to think of it, white requires a lot of cleaning….Maybe have to re-think this:))


  5. You’re on the cusp of a new adventure. How exciting! I expect leaving the home you’ve loved all these years will be bittersweet at the same time though. Enjoy the journey. Looking forward to learning more about your new home!


    1. Thank you so much Linda. It is a little terrifying but we have some time yet to get used to the idea. Gotta build a house now, and Instagram will be my color/style inspiration! Have a great evening:)


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