A gift in disguise

I recently returned from a trip to discover that a large parcel was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. I knew a friend had asked for my address, so was half expecting a little something, however I was somewhat surprised by the size of the parcel.

What could Barb have sent me that would warrant this large box? I mused that it may be a willow wreath that we intended to make on my last visit to her home. We had gathered several boughs but ran out of time to make them and perhaps Barb had gone ahead on her own and finished one off for me…

When you receive a package out of the blue and you’re ripping open the wrappings, it can transport you back to childhood or at the very least Christmas. Excitedly I opened up the gift.

A small journal and accompanying envelope caught my eye at first.

On first appearance it looked something like a chain letter.

kpardell truw propbox 4-20173377

It was a background letter from another friend Jamie Jamison, who initiated this “Propbox”and had sent it on to my friend Barb Brookbank.

You are receiving this Dropbox because I admire your creative spirit.
Inside you will find several treasures to photograph as you are so 
inspired. The rules are simple;

Essentially, use as many props as you want to create a photo for Instagram, keep a prop and insert one of your own into the box to send on to another friend. Post your new photo and tag each person that has received the box.

kpardell true propbox 2-20173375

What  great challenge and a re-charge to my waning styling juices! I was so thrilled that Barb had included me in this challenge. I had met both ladies at Finding Stillness retreat this past September and we all flourished from the camaraderie.

Immediately I set to work. The Propbox already included 3 antique vases, several scraps of silk and ribbon, a wooden spool, an antique fountain pen, a key, wooden pegs, spoons, old hand written letters from 1931 and some green marbled material.Barb had added a handmade paper flower that I had admired from her blog.

kpardell true propbox 3-20173376

I played around a bit with the props but it didn’t take much time before I settled on using Barb’s flower as the focus, along with a vase and the key. I added some other things from my own collection and Voila! my Propbox creation was born.

kpardell true propbox-20173373

I am still deciding on what treasure I will send along from my own collection of stuff. I also need to decide who to send it along to as I can think of many Instagram buddies who would love to receive this surprise in the mail.

The still-life community of IG is a creative and supportive group who continually inspire me. I am so lucky to have met a few of them who forge friendships beyond the camera and captions to something much stronger and lasting. Thank you Jamie and Barb for this gift. I will pass this lovely surprise on to an unsuspecting friend. Could it be you dear reader?


11 thoughts on “A gift in disguise

  1. What a fun idea and Merry Propbox to you!!! Beautiful flat lay as always. I know this was timely to encourage you with your upcoming changes in life! Going to Finding Stillness this fall is on my wish list. Will you be there?


    1. Thank you dear Rhadonda. I will be going in June. As I have to build a new home, I probably won’t make it to the September one. I’d love to meet you however, so you never know!


  2. Kathy,

    What a fantastic surprise! I loved the story you told with the props and with your feelings about receiving
    the gift. Excellent arrangement in the end. enjoy the rest of your Saturday!



  3. Oh, I just smiled the whole time I read this Kathy! You did a spectacular job of photographing all the props and I’m so glad you liked the flower! I really chuckled about the wreath … if I could have fit one in, believe me I would have 🙂 Thanks for playing along – so fun!


    1. Just saw this Barb. I simply HAVE to get better at checking comments. Thanks so much. I just sent the box off to another friend ( you’ll see who…) and I loved every minute of it. Such a splendid idea and way to stay connected. Thanks for including me!


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