The Ups and Downs of Still Life Photography

Being a photographer can often mean that you are working with the public. Family photography, portrait, and product photography for companies means that you must present yourself as a professional, in order to enlist business from clients.

As a still life photographer, I work alone; never talking to customers or having to present myself in professional attire. In short, I  can do my work wearing pyjamas. I love this, because when inspiration hits, I have only to pick up my props, style them and then shoot. I can produce a great product or stock photo in a couple of minutes. There is little set-up or camera gear. I don’t have to pack up equipment, heave weighty light stands or don a suit and drive to my client’s chosen photo location.

Still life is no-fuss and I love it. However, there are some ups and downs of this type of photography. Here’s my list of the ups and down’s of working in your home with still life photography.

kpardell lilacs-20187773


I can wear whatever I want.

I often work with flowers and who doesn’t love that?

I create my own work-no boss but me!

It’s a growing practice.

I have connected with other amazing still life photographers through retreats and IG.

I work with things that I love, that have meaning or memory for me.

kpardell toucha white chair-20171692


I am constantly sweeping up dried petals, pinecones, little branches after I use them.

I usually end up with this paraphernalia in my hair.

I am bound a fair amount to the light from one window in my studio. ( I insist on natural light for all of my photos).

I have a lot of props, so minding my budget can sometimes be an issue.

If you have a dog, he can get in the way of a shoot!

Your family chuckles to themselves as they stroll by…

Do you have any Ups or Downs to add? Feel free to let me know in the comments:)

kpardell boxwood on table-20187387



2 thoughts on “The Ups and Downs of Still Life Photography

  1. First, may I say I love your still life photography!; second, I completely understand about acquiring props, it’s almost an addiction, sometimes it can be costly, but not usually; third, I do have a dog, a Westie, who does try and get in the photo, and sometimes, she becomes part of the still life photo. I agree with natural light, I prefer to photograph in natural light also, which can be difficult during the winter months, when it’s already dark when I get home from work! Thanks for sharing your amazing work with us. 🙂


    1. Thank you so very much! I totally hear you about the winter. I find myself waiting until late afternoon when I finally get some sunlight through the one window facing west. I also found I bought a lot of props early on but made a commitment a year ago, to use what I have and give away what I no longer can see using. The only money I spend now, is on flowers once in awhile. Thanks for your comment. Have a lovely day!

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