New Year’s Intentions

Goodbye 2016. You were fraught with tension, unhappy surprises and at times extreme anxiety. You also brought much laughter, new friendships and bonded siblings.So all in all, not one of the best years of my life but not the worst either…

2016 brought new hobbies, new puppies, new jobs, new learning, new goals and new beginnings.

But I am looking forward to a calmer 2017, and much of this lies in my approach. I have a tendency to stress out quickly. Taking things in stride has been a lot of work over the years but I am finding ways to  Be Still. For me, having a variety of strategies or actions goes a long way to talking myself out of worry and the anxiety that worry brings.

No amount of regretting can change the past, and no amount of worrying can change the   future-Roy Bennett

So, for this new year first I will set intentions, then I will apply strategies which is a more action-based mind set. I could intend to lose weight but without a definitive strategy such as jogging, it won’t happen.


Intention: Live as creatively as possible.

Strategies: take a craft class, photography or otherwise. Create notecards, open an easy shop.  Immersion in things that fuel my creative life-photography, learning new  techniques, retreats and connecting more intentionally with like-minded friends.

 Intention: Write.More. Often.

Strategies: Commit to blogging twice weekly, return to writing children’s books, publish an article.Use my collection of Notebooks-I have many of these and I love to write, doodle and make lists in them. Writing anything and everything down seems to calm the nerves and focus me on solution-based actions.


Intention: Focus on health

Strategies: Walk each day, start stretching/yoga, Whole 30 living.

Intention: Focus on leading a calmer life.

Strategies:Daily meditation, positive affirmations, a daily gratitude journal-One gratitude for each day of 2017. When your life is focused on gratefulness, many other things fall into place.

         Whenever you are sincerely pleased, you are nourished.-Ralph Waldo Emerson

After a rough 2016, this last one should be easy.

What are your intentions for the new year? Feel free to leave a comment below.





12 thoughts on “New Year’s Intentions

  1. I really love the idea of having intentions and strategies as a way to fulfill goals! This year one of my goals, or intentions, is to be happier and more present each day. My strategies include doing mindfulness exercises, keeping a journal, and managing unrealistic expectations.

    I talked about reaching goals in my latest post – would love if you checked it out!


  2. Great ideas. My intentions are very similar. I tend to spend way too much time on the internet and IG, which takes away from my studying/practicing photography and editing, journaling, and reading books. Being retired I have the luxury of time, but haven’t quite learned how to manage it. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?


    1. It’s the same for me too! I almost feel guilty when I don’t spend enough time on myself and my goals. Though IG is a part of photography and the creative process so it’s a mixed bag… Haha. Thanks for reading along!


  3. I love how you made strategies for each intention. Genius. What do they say–we don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan, or something like that. You are so talented. Can’t wait to follow along as you enter 2017 with fresh and new direction!!


  4. Having just recently discovered you I am reading through the archives. It amazes me that in each one I find a connection, a familiar thought, feeling, experience. This one is no different. 2016 was a difficult year for me also, the kind that makes you thankful for the breath you take, the sun rising and the moons faithful return.
    I have a basket full of intentions, thanks for reminding me that an intention must be followed by strategy to have any value.
    I love the ever present “blackwing” in your photos. I gotta get one.


    1. I’m finding the Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer ( see my weekly pleasures post) a slow read as I’m trying to absorb everything and contemplate his meaning and how I can get the most out of his strategies. It doesn’t come easy,but it’s worth a try. Nice to know that you are finding connection to similar experiences. As humans and women we need to support each other and lend an ear or offer comfort where we can. We have more in common than some would think. I love your phrases like ” the moon’s faithful return”…beautiful and true. There is joy in the small details of life and I think I need to blog more about that, so I started a weekly pleasures post ( even though I won’t subject readers to this every single week) but rather it’s to remind myself to be thankful. Thank you for reading and commenting Laurel. Have a lovely day.


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