Summer Notes Pt. 1

We’re into it now…

Summer. The kids are out or off the computer, families are trying to find ways to stay safe while enjoying the longer days and warmer weather.

One Covid-friendly activity is to go berry-picking.

1.You’re out of doors and spread out so you’re in a relatively safer environment.

2. You’re not sharing the same air space as others.

3. It’s something that you don’t do all the time, so it’ll hold children’s interest.

4. The fun can continue if you bake up something delicious with the berries. Think homemade jam. Or blueberry crisp ( Insert other berry here).Or freeze the fruit for smoothies, or pies. The list of berry delights is endless.

And for those who are not close to a U-PICK, have your kiddos pick some fruit from the grocery market with the idea to use it as mentioned above. Have them examine the fruit for colour, mold, or damage before selecting.

As I am fortunate to live in berry central in Canada ( Okanagan Valley), I grabbed my daughter and convinced her to help me pick some cherries.

She started off saying ” How long are we going to be?” But once we drove up to the cherry orchard, and they handed her a bucket she was entranced. And she’s 31!

Apparently, I had never done this with her or her siblings before, so first time for everyone!

kpardell onair cherries-20202285kpardell onair cherries-20202288

kpardell onair cherries-20202282kpardell onair cherries-20202289kpardell onair cherries-20202302

Not only did we come away with a pail full, ready-to-eat cherries, they were half the price of store-bought ones. I guess it pays to eliminate the middle man.

With the few I have left, I will freeze them for pie. Next up, blueberry picking 🙂

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