Summer Notes Pt. 2 Farmers’ Market

Farmer’s Markets are one of my very favourite places. It’s always been amazing to me that people are able to grow such luscious produce.

I wonder what their secret is. I currently have one Roma tomato plant and I’m having trouble keeping it healthy, so heaven forbid I should start something from seed!

But I truly do appreciate the work and care that go into a vegetable garden.

Full disclosure; I used to hate helping my mother-in-law with weeding her garden, even though we reaped the benefits of her vegetable patch. My kids would literally groan and whine” Noooo!” when I got off the phone with her, and I passed along her question,

“Kathy, Can the kids come over and weed today?”

I actually feel horrible about rolling my eyes and groaning myself, while silently promising myself that I would NEVER have a garden.

Anyways, now that I’m a full-blown grown-up, I can actually see how much work a garden is, and I appreciate it a whole lot more. Plus I love food, so there’s that…

But I probably love markets best for the other treasures that you find there. Fruits, flowers, hand-made crafts, bottled jams and honey, fresh baking…Mmmmmm. The market inspires me to run home and can berries, make raspberry jelly and whip up an organic feast.

But alas! Covid has crept it’s ugly little stain on farmer’s markets today as well. Now, you often have to pre-order and pick up, they have limited the stalls and the way that you used to saunter around, flitting from one table to the next.

Now there is PROCEDURE! In todays’ farmer’s market  you need to…

  • Go in the entrance.
  • Do not double back.
  • Use only the one designated exit.
  • Walk forwards, not willy-nilly.
  • Wear a mask-pretty please.

And worst of all- No crafts! None of the “fun” stuff! The farmer’s market here is now limited to fruits and veggies. One honey stall. One flower wrangler.

No longer a Saturday event, it’s a ” Do I think it’s worth driving into town for the market today?”

You can’t stop and chat, meander or scratch your face for fear of reprisal. ( I live in Canada folks. People are actually wearing masks here out of duty-no complaints.)

This was my Saturday fun day….insert whine here. Does Covid have to ruin everything?

kpardell vegetables-20202421

I bought vegan cheese. I bought tomatoes. I admired the jars of organic honey.

After waiting in line for 30 minutes, walking through the market took me less than 20. But I felt like I needed to support local growers. They have been hit hard and my ten dollars might make all the difference to them.

I hope they continue, procedures or not. Covid or not. Face masks or not. I may have to drive into town, and wait my turn, but at least I don’t have to weed!

kpardell veggies-20199604kpardell coffee in winter-20187554

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