5 Summer Favourites

There’s so much to love about the summer season. Wherever you spend you summer months, whether it’s working or vacationing, there are many things to appreciate. If you haven’t seen one of my new favourites, see this post on berry picking…

I’ve made a new little list ( I could have gone on and on but…) here are some of my favourite summer products and activities.

  1. I’ve been to the beach recently and there is an enormous invasion of flotation devices out there. Whatever your fancy, be it a giant pizza, a flamingo, the Rebel Starship, or a rainbow colored unicorn-there is a floatie for YOU! Floaties scream summer like nothing else. They conjure up both frolicking in the waves and a gentle ride while leaning back with your drink of choice. Watch the size when you purchase as once blown up to its full size, they may be hard to store and ride. My daughter literally jumps onto the back of her pink flamingo in her sweat pants, and never gets wet. That’s how large her floatie is.

                        “Take me where summer never ends…”

kpardell floatie-20202707

 2. Ok technically this one isn’t a specific SUMMER product but I wanted to include it here. I am a Starbucks fan to be sure, and I usually order a London Fog or a Chai Tea Latte. I’ve considered buying a fancy Cappuccino or Espresso machine but as I rarely drink coffee, they didn’t seem worth the price and besides, I really only wanted the fancy machine for the frothy milk. Enter my Bodum…My milk frother has totally changed my world. I can now make a chai tea or London fog with little effort or expense. 

    • One tea bag in hot water until the strength you need. Then discard tea bag.
    • Add some liquid vanilla syrup to your cup. ( I got mine at Williams and Sonoma but you can get this anywhere.)
    • Add milk to frother, and turn it on until it stops ( around 1 minute)
    • pour the milk foam out into the tea cup
    • Add sugar crystals or vanilla sugar sprinkles on top

kpardell Bodum-20202621kpardell Bodum 2-20202623

3. What is a summer holiday without a decent book to read? One of my most relaxing activities is to sit out on the deck and read while sipping an iced tea or a frozen drink. Ann Patchett’s relatively new book, The Dutch House, is a good read. She isn’t a fluffy writer, prone to romance and light fare. Her books are thoughtful and intelligent and centre around the human experience. It was a quick but satisfying read.

kpardell margaritaville 3-20202660


4. Margaritaville- Have you ever seen a this super duper blender? I was lucky enough to receive one as a retirement gift a few years ago, and boy does it do the job!

kpardell margaritaville-20202684



Pina Coladas-✔️

Shave Ice-✔️

Any blended drink that involves ice ( or not) can be created with this baby. Think Bellini, Chi Chi’s, Strawberry daquiri etc. Kiddos will love the shave ice. Just add drink syrup and Voila!! A fun treat for the whole family ( but especially the adults…)

kpardell margaritaville 2-20202685


5. Gardens- A walk around a neighbourhood can bring unexpected joy when you’re on the hunt for floral variety. I love to take a peek into other people’s front yards ( as I walk by, not as a peeping tom!)  HA. There are some uber-talented gardeners out there who know how to cultivate beauty. They are masters of fertilizer, sunlight and pruning. English style gardens are always worthy of a few minutes of study. Stone pathways, wild flowers in a colourful palette attract not only onlookers but consider butterflies and hummingbirds as well. Nature is glorious.

vancouver blooms

That concludes my 5 summer faves… What are yours? Do tell in the comments!

Thanks for reading…


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