My Happiness Box

I was reading one of my favorite magazines Bellagrace, and inside was an article that had me thinking. Topic: Happiness, and what would you include in your Happiness box?

I’ve been pondering most of the day. The truth is, so many small things make me happy. Maybe not jump up and down happy, but deep satisfaction happy. The kind of happy that puts a new spin on the day, that improves my outlook for the future and has me truly grateful.

I once read Neil Pasrisha’s book, The Book of Awesome, and it really was. It’s as if he read my mind as he listed so many tiny pleasures that we take for granted, but are part of the fabric of our daily moods and perspectives.

The air in a bakery

popping bubble wrap

finding you keys after you’ve looked forever

Which brings me to the Happiness box. What would I put in? If you’re anything like me, and I’m sure you are, there is an endless list of favourite things. Things that make your life just a wee bit brighter. Things that satisfy and things that give you an overall warm and cozy feel, like an old sweater or a cup of hot chocolate. So, choosing wasn’t easy but here is my list for the Happiness Box.

kpardell crabtree4-

♡The sweet peas because whenever I smell them, I am instantly transported to my childhood home and the way we could run free to explore, and raid gardens for sweet peas!

♡The white notepad and crisp Blackwing pencil because I’m a  hopeless doodler and love to make lists on crisp white paper with a top notch pencil.

♡The light pink flannel pj’s that are like wearing silk and instantly provide comfort.

♡My dad’s wedding ring. Enough said.

♡What 5 things would fill YOUR Happiness box? Do tell!

kpardell crabtree3-20187437kpardell crabtree5-20187430kpardell crabtree-20187440


5 thoughts on “My Happiness Box

  1. Kathy,

    I really like this and the photos to go with this are fabulous. 🙂

    I would put in family love, good health, ( need to think about the rest will return on this…



  2. I learned something new about you today. Your love of sweet peas. I have the same love! The smell instantly transports me back to my childhood. Unfortunately the sweet peas never bloomed in the Yukon until the first week of September so the smell reminds me of exciting new beginnings. Thanks for the happy memory!

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