Black thumb

kpardell succulents-20171528

I swear that I have a black thumb…

While my mother makes magic with plants ( they positively flourish in her presence), I struggle to keep mine alive.

The photo above is from last year, when I bought some darling succulents in an attempt to create a  display cluster of green on my kitchen window sill. Of the above 5 plants only one survived me. After the other 4 died, I tried again. Nada.

I watered but not too much. I placed in sunlight but not too much. I transplanted carefully when needed and I attempted to fertilize. But alas, they dwindled and faded and seemed to say,

Goodbye cruel world. Too bad we couldn’t have the lady with the green thumb!

After swallowing my annoyance, I decided to try again this spring. I went to the garden shop with my mother ( maybe she’s jinxing me) and picked out 3 new succulents to replace their dead cousins and I am watching them closely. So far, so good, but it’s only been 7 days…

While writing this, I called to mind a quote I have to remember…

kpardell true wilows-20187413

No matter what happens, Black thumb or not, you can’t say I’m a quitter!


kpardell light succulents-20173880

If you have any advice for me, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear:

2 thoughts on “Black thumb

  1. Here’s my advice which I saw on a video. To water succulents use a spray bottle and squirt 2-3 squirts into the soil (not on the plant) one time a week. It seems so little but that is what they said. I do great with regular plants but I am a succulent slayer. I keep trying though. Love your photos!!

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  2. Hi Kathy,

    We are sorta having luck.. Barb is really the succulent queen. But do not overwater. and I think like with any plant it can be luck. We had 3 plants all the same 2 are in plant heaven and 1 is growing like a weed. Go figure.


    Great Pictures..

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