With Health in Mind

I think we take our health for granted. At least, I sure do. When I’m feeling well, my focus is on family events, photography, travel, what we’ll have for dinner etc.

Like many people, I don’t think about health- namely the physical issues, until they scream at me making their impact known. I don’t really act on a growing issue ( back pain for instance) unless I can no longer lift the laundry basket or pick up a 50 lb bag of dirt at the gardening shop.

When that happens, I end up making a series of chiropractic appointments to snap me back to health whereby I smartly begin dragging a kid to the shops with me to do the “heavy lifting.” 3 appointments later, I’m as good as new, until it happens again. And again.

This Sunday was Mother’s Day, and each year, my kids participate ( fairly patiently) with completing the spring yard work. Raking, bagging, digging, pulling weeds, sweeping.

With my back recently injured yet again, I had to dictate from the pulpit ( the deck) as to which garden beds needed weeding, and who was to complete the various tasks. It was a glorious day and it felt great to have the yards in order. But it was difficult to sit at all as sitting for any length of time causes the muscles  to seize up, so even simple acts like enjoying a book, sipping a coffee or even watching TV becomes a struggle.

As I age, I feel more. Achy muscles, likely under-used and creaky knees. I’m no spring chicken but I’m really too young to have these issues. I also feel that I can prevent some of this myself.

So today, I resolve to take back my health; the health that I largely ignored for the last many many years, raising a family. I didn’t have the time or mental space ( excuses perhaps?) to think about what was best for me but I now hope to  make a difference in how I am feeling  because feeling older than you are isn’t acceptable.

I need to put this in writing so I can get cracking. The truth being that, and what will get me to live a fuller, hopefully healthier life. Consistency. With. Health Care.


  • walk every day
  • lift a few light weights
  • stretch
  • physio
  • Photography work- the mental exercise

And practice thankfulness that my physical issues are extremely small compared to others.

How do you keep on track with being physical and taking care of yourself? I’d love to hear!

5 thoughts on “With Health in Mind

  1. Hi Kathy,

    Glad to know that you are doing better. It is true as be age, so does our body!!!.

    I try to walk each day, since my surgery last October I have to work harder at working further, but it is getting easier.

    I am doing mini meditation each day.

    As always love your Art.


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    1. I know I should attempt meditation again. It would help I’m sure. I am walking each day too. Too bad we can’t walk together!!


  2. Right now I really don’t, but am trying hard to bring being physical back into my life. I ran for awhile and loved that. It’s a bit hard on the knees though. I’m hoping to walk again … I need to just start! Beautiful photographpy as always Kathy!


    1. Thanks Carolyn. The hardest part is getting out the door! Always something comes up but I have to make exercise a priority. As they say, use it or lose it!
      Thanks for dropping by)

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