A floral triptych

I found these lovely flowers while on a walk in Kitsilano, and thought they’d make a cool trio along with my film frames. I remember KODAK very well. In fact, I wasted tons of money taking pictures with my little film camera, that were over or under exposed. In those days, you couldn’t redo. You developed what was on the negatives and that’s it. Sooo many pictures, so little success.

Nowadays, the digital camera has saved me from myself and pushed me to develop my photography, so that even if a photo is under or over-exposed, I can remedy it, or delete it without penalty.

This is my play around for today. I’ll include the original color photos below so you can decide which you prefer… black & white or color!

So there you have it. Film textures and frames look great with any photo and lend a vintage feel to your project. I may post a few more of these in the coming weeks because I think they are so cool and they bring back lots of childhood memories of playing around with my polaroid and Konica cameras.

Which do you prefer? Black & White or color?

8 thoughts on “A floral triptych

    1. Haha. We are now the “instant culture” but hard to believe we put up with the wait! Thanks for the reply :))


    1. Thanks for viewing Linda. Some subjects are better with black and white, and others with color. I prefer the color in this one…)


  1. I love the colour!

    We were just talking about waiting a week for a roll of 36 to be developed and end up with maybe 4 decent pictures. Now my phone takes better pictures than my expensive digital camera.


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