3,2,1 Contact

I have been setting a few small goals lately. Mostly spurred on or encouraged by my lovely friend and mentor Kim who sees the big picture.

I have been creating and traveling and trying to organize my house for sale next spring. This is admittedly a long time away but 8 people once lived here and there is more “stuff” than you can imagine…

Anyway, I feel that since I left my career, I have to show up and do the work. That is, expectations and goals that I set for myself so I feel I have a reason to be retired. This is in my own mind really. No one has put any pressure on me to demonstrate my worth. This is me.

Goal setter.

Classic A type personality …

Person who finds it hard, hard to be still.

My thoughts…If I fill my day with creating and joyful pursuits (i.e. photography ) I will justify leaving a meaningful career where what I did changed lives. Not many people can say that about their career, but I can, so my second act has to measure up. My mind is an enemy at times.

I have been working hard on creating greeting cards from my photography. I currently have 10 series of cards that come in packs of 4. I’m pretty happy with the quality. Fine art paper is the bomb!

kpardellFebruary 27, 20173287kpardellFebruary 27, 20173292kpardellFebruary 27, 20173290-2

This venture has taken more time and effort than I thought it would and I am almost there. Only 3 steps left.

3– Final check that my information is correct on the website and on this blog where I now have a Card Shop tab. See the top of the main page!

2-Write my blogpost and IG post. Currently finishing that.

1– Hand out my Contact cards to family and friends. Maybe you’ll want one too!

Blast Off! Here we go! The shop is open. Come have a look-see.

kpardell light 1 contact cards 3-20173598kpardell light 1 contact cards 2-20173597

9 thoughts on “3,2,1 Contact

    1. Thank you so much Linda. That’s nice of you to say. I’m happy with the product. Have a great evening.


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