Weekly Pleasures

I saw a blogpost using this topic and thought it lent well to the theme of gratefulness which I had written about previously. Being thankful for those little things that we would normally overlook but if truly practicing mindfulness, are wonderful little treasures that renew the spirit. So for this week, I have culled the following weekly pleasures;

♡Fresh baking- I really shouldn’t have done this. No, really…..I need to eat baking like a bee needs an artificial flower. I convinced myself that I was making these for my youngest son who was visiting. He could take back a dozen cinnamon buns with him for his lunches. Yeah, well he left with four buns. Need I say more?

♡Spring buds-finally! Living in northern Canada means nature is always behind. It takes longer for snow to melt, for grass to turn green and for buds to show their faces, but at loooong last, they are just sprouting on the trees. I was so thrilled, I snipped a few branches from a tree we had to cut down, and placed them in a vase for my viewing pleasure.

kpardell truffle spring buds-20173919

♡Chicken wire frame- I found this at a local junk shop. I’ll use it to display my cards when I sell them at a local farmer’s market. (You can get the cards too at the top of this page using  the CARD SHOP tab.

kpardell sunday chicken wire frame-20173911

♡The Power of Intention- I’ve been slow to get to this one read, but it’s really good! Wayne Dyer the Intention guru, has a lot to say about putting our thoughts out into the universe and making our dreams a reality.

kpardell Intention-20173928

♡Time in the studio-I’ve been puppy-sitting this week so time alone in my studio was a pleasure for sure. Here is one photo I took without the pup at my heels. I hope his owner comes back from his vackay soon!

♡London fog- I just LOVE cleaning the house, and then sitting down with a cup of tea or a dressed-up version of it. A London Fog is a treat and there’s a coffee shop within walking distance of my house so….

♡Key lime cookies- A small indulgence that I just bought today. Thought I’d dress them up a bit dipped in milk chocolate and with sprinkles! Decadent!

kpardell key lime-20173927

♡Yard work!-For the first time ever, we got our yard work completed at the same time as our neighbours! This is a big deal since, we are always so late to tidying up, raking leaves, mulching and fertilizing as my husband is pretty busy this time of year but we did it! Feels awesome. Now if that darned grass would just turn green.

♡Generous crafters-Della Read over at creativedesignsbydella    was enormously generous with her time this week in helping me with my Etsy shop. I’m not very techie and her suggestions were so helpful! Thank you Della for your time and know-how!

What weekly pleasures did you enjoy this week? Do tell. ♡

5 thoughts on “Weekly Pleasures

  1. Hi Kathy,

    We had a wonderful week in New York City with family.

    I also had the please of meeting 2 lovely Instagram friends for the first time. Robin Zachary and Olena Hassell of @mangelka that was so much fun.

    I would love to have you teach me how to fold linen for flat lays. Or maybe you could do a
    Story with Kim as an add on to your first Flat Lay.

    Thanks Ann


    1. I’d love to help with anything but what do you mean as an “add-on to my first flat-lay? Sorry…


  2. Such beautiful things to be grateful for!! I smiled that your son left with 4 cinnamon buns, I’m pretty sure my child would have gone back to school empty handed!


    1. What I didn’t say was that I made 2 dozen and he left with 4! Haha. I do love fresh buns:) Thanks Rhadonda!


  3. HI Kathy,

    I realized that I was confused ( guess that is what happens when you get older) and too much going on… that is another long story. I was thinking of Kate’s Spark-about doing several pictures that were telling a story.



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