Ode to a journal.

Many thousands of us keep a journal. Some use diaries as a daily listing of events and thoughts. For some it can be a simple notebook bought from the local dollar store and yet others need a bit more inspiration as if an expensive and beautifully bound treasure can evoke the most exquisite words, enlightenment or sage advice for generations to follow.

I like mine because it’s leather. There is something about a leather-bound journal that speaks to me. An image of the brilliant archeology  professor Indiana Jones and his leather notebook comes to mind when ever I stop and admire the lovelies in the nearest Chapters bookstore. I have had many a journal from plastic cover, simple children’s scribblers, paper ones with gorgeous artwork on the cover, moleskins, gifts from friends that they have taken the time to inscribe with bible passages or sage quotes.

This time, I just had to splurge on the leather. That it can serve as a photo prop doesn’t hurt either.



What do you write in your journal, your confidante and most intimate friend?

When I was young, I wrote about school of course that often became a listing of events and places that I attended. Once in awhile I let go of my carefully controlled emotions and ranted, raged questions to the universe about why a particular boy didn’t like me  but mostly, I just recorded history as if looking back on it later, would remind me of all the living I had done as a young girl.

Later, as a teen, my journaling was often about one boy in particular and the fights we had along with more raging at the universe. Raging? Hmmm, a theme is forming here.

As a grown adult, I kept journals of my children’s activities, funny sayings, awards they won and my thoughts about how they would fare in the world given their unique personalities and gifts/curses.

And now, my leather journal holds notes about photography, websites and Instagrammers I need to check out, Webinar possibilities and Lightroom shortcuts. Quotes for posts and a spot for fresh ideas for styling, new prop possibilities and camera equipment shopping lists.

Blogging is a journal too, the millennium version of that plastic covered simple scribbler and one that I can use for a variety of subjects. No more musings about a silly boy or my children’s daily routines that they have long since left behind.

A journal in any variety can be anything and everything you will it to be, from a place to jot events to lists and how-to’s. There is no one recipe for the individual need we have to record our thoughts. And no one style of notebook that will serve these purposes.

I will keep my world beautifully bound in leather please ♡

5 thoughts on “Ode to a journal.

  1. Oh my goodness Kathy, I fall in love with each and every image you create, they are wonderful eye candy every day! And your leather journal, I am on the hunt for one similar!!

    Journaling has become an extremely important part of life for me as of late. Every morning I write my ‘morning pages’ which are essentially a brain dump. All anxieties, fear, desires, hopes, and dreams go down on the page before I have my morning coffee. It’s my way of putting two feet on the ground before I start my day.

    Hence I have become somewhat of a journal junkie. I definitely have more journals than I possibly fill, my favorite is one that I made with my own hands and has a black and white map as it’s cover.


    1. Karen. How kind you are!
      I know about the journal addiction…I have several empty ones and keep buying more as I come across those pretty covers. Yikes!
      Have you put your hand made journal in a photo? I bet it would look great!
      Thanks for stopping by:)


    1. It’s lovely. I love leather products. Got this one at Chapters and I may buy another before long. Thanks for stopping by:)


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