I like to Mingle

I am once gain honoured to have some of my photography featured in a another magazine.

If you have never picked up a copy of Mingle magazine ( available at Chapters in Canada, Barnes & Noble in the US) as well as at Michael’s, you are in for a beautiful treat!

kpardell melodic mingle 4-20173756kpardell melodic mingle2-20173755

Mingle features unique gatherings where the creativity truly flows. I have always been inspired by this magazine. The people all look happy, the party decorations are to die for and the magazine itself features gorgeous photos and descriptions of the process that the hosts worked through to realize their event dreams. The gatherings inspire and the photos draw you in.

Last year I attended Finding Stillness retreat ( see post here) that changed my life. It was simply magical and this month that experience was featured in this stunning magazine.

kpardell melodic mingle 7-20173759kpardell melodic mingle 6-20173758

I am so excited to be attending this year’s retreat where I will get to share with my new friends and meet other new photographers.

kpardell melodic mingle 5-20173757If you enjoy inspiring photographs along with to-die-for party ideas, this magazine has your name on it.   ♡


7 thoughts on “I like to Mingle

    1. Thanks Ann. I need a bt of a shot in the arm right now, so being among other creatives will inspire me I hope. Just shooting in someone’s else’s studio is a fresh experience and Kim’s studio is unbelievable:)


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