Hello. Glad you stopped by.

I am so excited that you have popped in to see me here.

I am a mom of 6, a former literacy specialist an college instructor. I led a fast-paced life for 34 years and have recently decided to leave my rewarding career to enjoy more creative living and intentional pursuits such as travel, journaling and learning. You may guess from my photos that I have a passion for photography. It was this passion that led me to creating a permanent blog that features small bits of my life along with some of my favourite photos.

I wanted to create a blog that brings together much of what I do nowadays, without advice for how to raise and teach your kids. Believe me I know that topic well and have an extensive knowledge of children of all ages both from parenting babies to adults but also having taught hundreds of students from 5-15. However, my blog is about moving on from a rewarding and happy career to the next phase.

I am hopeful that you enjoy taking a peek at my little portfolio on this blog. It encapsulates a bit of everything; from landscapes to still life to some musings about life and the journey I am on. I appreciate your support, and I’m glad you stopped by.



4 thoughts on “Hello

    1. Thank you Jenny. I just saw this comment now. I appreciate that you took the time to comment and that you like my photos-much appreciated!

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