Shooting for the Seasons

I can’t help it but the second that September rolls around, I have to pack up the summer clothes, especially the white capri’s, pink sandals and flowered blouses and burst out my soft sweaters, faded jeans and scarves. Autumn is my favourite season ( Have I already said that?) Cool September breezes, the crispness of the air, the fading blooms-I love it all.

And photos now consist of dried berries, pine cones and hot tea. I shoot for the seasons and the colour changes come just when I need them.


Goodbye precious pink, flashy white, baby blue.

Hello pumpkin, rust and golds.




As one season leads to another, we are renewed. Children begin school. Notebooks and pencils are purchased, families return to routines. Hockey practice begins as children join their friends on the ice. Calendars fill as appointments are scheduled and bedtimes are enforced.

People smile, and I am among them.

Unfortunately Autumn is all too short and soon I’ll face a long six months of winter.


That will mean holly berries, candy canes and mini-marshmallows. Baked cookies, frost covered branches, evergreen sprigs …..

My styling senses are piqued.

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