Autumn Gifts

kpardell-moodyish-potpourri-0712I am fortunate this month to begin a studio class with the lovely & multi-talented Kim Klasssen ( who will be guiding me ( as well as other classmates) through lessons designed to improve, learn and style still-life photography. I have been creating/styling in this photo genre for awhile but Kim has made all the difference-truly.

Our first prompt is “Foraging”which is right up my alley and around the corner. Gathering autumn bits -however that is interpreted. Kim is very generous with interpretation as she is careful not to put forth a lot of rules which allows our individual creativity to flow however we like. I liken this to having a classroom teacher who practices differentiation with each student-All having the same ultimate goal ( improving the use of natural light for example) but each of us directing our own pathway to this goal.

Gathered bits so far have included chokecherry branches, high bush cranberry, pine cones, Dolgo apple tree leaves, rose hips, various leaves and a pretty yellowish weed for which I don’t know the name.

So pretty together…

Mixing in garden tools and metal numbers, burlap bags and clear jam jars and Voila-My first assignment is complete! These scenes remind me of a simple children’s poem;

Down, down, yellow and brown

The leaves are falling all over the town

To which I will add my own verse;

Red, green, orange and brown

Leaves fall softly and splendour the ground


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