One Room to Rule them All

      one room from wall to wall

one room to show them

    one room to rule them all

             And in it’s lightness, join them.


This little word play on the one ring, sort of sums up a bit of the happenings around here.

Years before I started photography, I painted my walls pink. Yes, it was a big hit back in the eighties when we built this house, and I had since re-painted all of the house a lovely sage green, except the dining room. For some unearthly reason I painted it a shade or two darker and took it from a light pretty pink to dusty rose…have mercy.

I  didn’t realize how much this would affect my photography until I wanted to shoot some still life straight on. There was horrible cast from the walls and pink as backdrop no matter what shade isn’t pleasing to the eye.

I decided a few months ago to rain the room white as it now serves as my studio. I had to wait until all the family had left after Christmas in order to empty out all the furniture, dishes, the pictures, all the props stored in boxes. Even the warm and cozy rug got relocated to our family room.


Two weeks later, and I am still getting used to my new white-walled studio space. It is very different having not only white walls but the space to move about, arrange furniture, leave up scenes or vignettes in the room.

What a treat.


Unfortunately, the room’s light source is from one window. And because of the room’s location,and our northern location,  I have to wait until late afternoon during the winter months to shoot anything decent. Our winter is half the year long…


My routine of late therefore is to set up my scene or flatlay etc. in the morning, and then go about my day until mid-afternoon. This isn’t how I would have chosen to do things but who can argue with mother nature?

In order to acquire more light, perhaps I can convince the husband to knock down a wall to allow more windows?

No. That won’t happen. For now I’ll have to keep my routine as it is, and plan for a light-filled she-shed at our new house. And you know what colour I will paint the walls!

Have a great day!

8 thoughts on “One Room to Rule them All

  1. So beautiful!!! Sometimes you just have to go with it for sure. A she-shed is totally on my wish list for some day too!! And yes I know what color I will paint too!


    1. Thanks Catherine! It is making a big difference in my attitude for sure. Facing pink walls and only shooting flatlays was getting a bit old. Now…possibilities. Thanks for stopping by my dear.


    1. Thank you so much. Kind of you to stop by and comment. I’m so bad with keeping up with replying but I do appreciate it when people take the time. Have a great evening!


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