Landscape Learning

Hello. As most of you know, I mainly do still life photography and post over on my instagram @kpardell . I’ve been doing that for a number of years and it really allows the creative juices to flow. I love creating and playing around with things. Besides I get to regularly use all the pretty things in my life like tea cups and flowers, pretty books and fancy scissors. However, of late I’ve been craving something different.

Every so often I change things up. I’ve made jewellery, written some children’s book manuscripts, played around with Infographics, curated scrapbooks for the family etc.

So I guess it’s that time again. Not a big change by any means but I have had some photos in my arsenal from several trips made over the last few years and instead of them just sitting on my computer, I wanted to dust them off and post them. I was inspired by Tim Shield’s  Photography & took his Masterclass course on capturing landscapes. From Composition rules to astrophotography to advanced post processing, the course covered all the questions I had.

For me, it’s a work in practice of course but I’m enjoying the editing process and the tips and tricks he offers. It was enlightening and fun-just what I needed. Hope you enjoy my first few!

kpardell for Facebook 2-9738

Alberta Prairie

kpardell landscapes-20199859

Okanagan hills

kpardell landscapes-20174355

Maui, Hawaii

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