Saying Yes

My sister in law recently gave me a novel entitled, A Man Called Ove, which introduces us to a curmudgeonly senior who approaches life with a good dose of negativity. He yells at neighbours, hurls blame toward everything and everyone and keeps others at more than an arms length. He essentially says “No” to life. Undoubtedly,  as the story unfolds we will see Ove transform by saying yes and by doing so, he will directly affect what comes back to him. This got me thinking about what I have recently said “yes!” to…

Yes in committing to yoga.

Yes to staying in the calm when the world around me swirls with uncertainty

Yes to breathing deeply the fragrant jasmine of Hawaii

kpardell jasmine-20174358

Yes to paddling an outrigger canoe and learning how to synchronize

Yes to staying connected to old friends

Yes to celebrating evening light

kpardell surfer-20174380

Yes to listening more, talking less

Yes to learning – my lifelong pursuit

Yes to learning more about photography and experimenting

kpardell hawaii2-20174272

Yes to being thankful, especially of the sun when it decides to shine…

Many times, saying “yes” pushes us forward into the grey area of the unknown. It reminds me of the zone of proximal development, where the most effective learning happens when it is slightly beyond our comfort level but not so far away that it terrifies us. Learning doesn’t happen when it takes place in fear.

So saying yes when you’re unsure of the outcome or unsure how things will turn out is necessary for us to grow in understanding ourselves or our environments. Learning to say no is also important but I want to say yes today. I am hopeful that in doing so, I will let the sunshine in.

What will you say “yes to today?

7 thoughts on “Saying Yes

  1. Kathy,

    These photos are amazing. As well as the information is a lot of food for thought.

    thank you for sharing what is important to you with us,



    1. Thank you Ann. It was a great holiday and made me appreciate how lucky we are to experience little miracles like the ocean, friends and family. Have a great day!


  2. Love your “yes” list! I’ve resolved to say yes to spending more time on the deck with a book this summer. Summer is a busy time for me–and I love it!–but I’m going to be more intentional about taking time to lose myself in a good book regularly.


    1. I have a stack of books to get through tis summer as well. Summer reading just feels right. What will you read? I just finished The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer and also The Birth house by Ami Mackay. You might enjoy it! ))


    1. Hey Barb.Thank you! It was wonderfully relaxing which I probably needed more than I acknowledged! Vacations are such a privilege… Now off to Calgary for a girl’s weekend:)) Have a super day!


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