Mini travel series-The Road to Hana

by Kathy Pardell

Hello readers! A recent trip to Maui provided a lovely family vacation and a chance to spend quality time with my younger brother and his family. I love the sunshine and Hawaii never disappoints. We were able to stay together on the beach in an executive home which had the privacy and peace that my brother had long waited for. To see his story click here.

My husband loves to drive and is not a sun worshipper which meant that soon after we arrived in Kihei, we were off renting a car and driving the island. We planned to drive the Road to Hana which is touted as an excursion and you are advised to stock up on picnic lunches, rain ponchos and other gear as the road is long and windy. Those wth car-sickness Beware!

The trip begins in Paia, a charming little village that features the Hana Picnic Lunch Company-your go-to store for all the necessities you’ll need on your day trip.

kpardell surfboards horizontal-20174234

Of course, we stocked up, bought the rain gear and set off down the Hana Highway that winded and twisted along the shore and through the Hawaiian rain forest. There were some preferred stops such as;

1.Twin Falls ( see below)

2. the black lava shores of Wai’anapanapa State Park

3. Lookout points such as Ho’okipa with phenomenal views of surfers and boogie boarders, and always, always  that gorgeous ocean.

The road to Hana winds and twists 617 times to be exact and extends over 56 bridges! Crazy right? I have to admit it was fun and a bit scary!!

kpardell hawaii-20174280kpardell hawaii-20174250kpardell surfer-20174380

kpardell hawaii-20174322

It is a slow 52 miles to Hana but once you arrive you are greeted to a charming seaside village, fresh fruit market, sky-blue churches, home-made popsicles stands that burst with flavour, diners featuring the local catch and shops that boast T-shirts that applaud your odyssey. You are advised to return the way you came as beyond Hana lies a unpaved road that is a bit treacherous especially in the rain  (which falls often in this area.)

kpardell hawaii-20174236

kpardell surfboards-20174235kpardell hawaii-20174239

My hubby loved this trip so much , he did it again by himself three days later while I soaked up the sun.

kpardell hawaii-20174360

It may well be labelled The Road to Heaven… Have you traveled the Road to Hana? How about Maui? I’d love to hear in the comments below.


kpardell hawaii-20174339


6 thoughts on “Mini travel series-The Road to Hana

  1. Looks like a beautiful trip. We didn’t do the trip to Hanna as we had kids with us and then other visits it just seemed like a long way to go, now I wish we had done it. It helps when you have someone who LOVES to drive, can’t believe he did it again.


  2. For years I knew your Hubby was short of a full deck, the road you describe is the highway to Hell, boring, too much traffic, narrow road, typical tourist lure to rent a car, buy all the goods u indicated, just waiting for people like Marty to come along, the local press would like to do a story on “the driver” as he would be the only person on the Planet to drive the road TWICE in a week, where most people regret driving it in a life time.

    Hi to all, and all the best to Chris & Family.



    1. You’re too funny George. If we’re ever in Hawaii together, I’ll get Marty to drive you there. He’d love to torture you.


  3. Hello Linda. That was probably a good choice as the drive is long and kids aren’t the most patient passengers,,,) It’s a longish drive for anyone but definitively consider it the next time you are in Maui!!
    Have a great day.


    1. Thank you Mackenzie. It had been awhile since we had been there for our honeymoon. That was before kids and now it’s after they have all left home. Not much has changed there. It’s a pretty chill place. Have a great day:))

      Liked by 1 person

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