My Dream Studio

I have been very lucky, that when building my new home, I was able to design a dreamy photography studio in order to organize my camera equipment and to shoot my still life photos in a designated place. It doubles as my laundry room and craft centre and I have even transplanted a few bulbs here as well. Here are some elements that I incorporated into the studio during the design phase.

  1. Cabinets for the camera and my lenses, as well as light sources.
  2. A taller cabinet for storing my two tripods, backdrops
  3. Lower shelving for laying out my props and designs.
  4. Tall windows to allow natural light.
  5. Pull out drawers for storing all the props that a still life photographer collects.
  6. White walls to brighten and add extra light.
  7. Display shelving
  8. A desktop for writing and gift wrapping

Additional elements that I designed for my laundry, include;

  1. Hanging racks for wet delicates and T-shirts
  2. Counter tops for folding towels and soap storage
  3. A deep tub for washing sweaters or for rinsing garden pots
  4. Roller hampers for soiled laundry that slide nicely underneath counters

I just LOVE being in my studio, putzing around or taking meaningful photographs, scrapbooking or flower arranging.

Tell me about YOUR studio, or what’s on your studio wishlist?


kpardell Laundry Room-20200106

kpardell wash tub-kpardell Laundry Room 2-20200108kpardell shirt rack-

kpardell tall cabinet-

kpardell storage closet-kpardell pull out drawers-

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