Foraged and Found


A recent prompt from Kim Klassen’s Studio online class meant that I had to gather some natural elements and begin thinking about some styling options for an Autumn still life photo shoot. Unfortunately, I was going to be on the road to Calgary and had to do this remotely.

So what to do?  As I flew by on the highway, there were many glorious corn fields, colourful copses and pretty barns in orange, blue and red.

However, Highway 2 is no place to stop as the traffic is high and somewhat dangerous. I had to wait until today to take some pictures down by the Bow River, where I plucked some fallen tree branches and coloured leaves.








And now I sit in a hotel room with my branches soaking in a plastic cup, and my leaves stored away in a ziplock baggie and I’m hoping…hoping that they last overnight and through the heat of the long drive home.

Tomorrow I have 5 hours to ponder what I will do with a few foraged materials…

2 berry branches

orange and yellow leaves


rusty letters ( Okay I cheated and bought these at a fabulous country store in Calgary)



and how I will create my final still life creation.

Here we go…


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