Oh sweet Summer!

When I was teaching, summer was everything. Once spring break was over and we headed into the home stretch, summer came a calling. Everyone had vacation on the brain and signs were evident. Children began wearing shorts and flip flops to school. Teachers were happier as they envisioned days of sitting on their decks, margaritas in hand or camping trips to the lake. Field trips were planned to the swimming pool, class picnics were the norm or walking excursions down into the park trails to enjoy the sunshine and the warm breezes of June.

kpardell claroplus summer solstice-20174657


Though Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year it’s special because it officially marks the period of rest and relaxation. A hard -earned reward for trudging through those cold and bitter winter months where the days are dark when you rise, and dark when you recline.

Summer renews the spirit, and eases us in to play in its light and shadows, to run among its forest paths, its ocean waves rising and crashing leaving our footprints to mark that we danced among the pebbles and built castles of freedom on its shore.

Summer eases the mind of worry over reading for achievement and invites us to read for pleasure, taking us far away to places of our choosing.

Somehow life is easier to bear when flowers are bursting and birdsong offers a sweet refrain. For some, summer means an end to schooling altogether, as they embark on new adventures and dance to different drummers. For others, it is a time for healing of the spirit or for task completion.

Summer means hello to laughter, to possibilities and to happy indulgences. Hello summer. You are a most welcome friend.

kpardell claroplus summer solstice-20174656

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