Pumpkin Love

This is the season for the harvest, and though I do not have a garden of my own, I am drawn to harvest time as if in another life I was a pioneer, working hard on the land to make magic out of a few scattered seeds and some tilled soil.

Perhaps it is in the farming roots of Saskatchewan,or my own mother’s stories about farm life that I became intrigued, but this city girl loves to drive by wheat fields and a pumpkin patch is too good to pass up.

You see, I am a bit of a pumpkin nut. I just think they are beautiful. Once September rolls around, I am already on the lookout for the best pumpkins as they begin to appear in the grocery stores. I do not buy, as many bought too early will rot, however I case each store over the following month to be ready to pounce when it’s the right time.

I’m loving their festive colours of green, orange with with striped, golden yellow, and adorable white. I am especially drawn to the little striped ones complete with curly stem.

kpardell pumpkin group 2-20176507

Patches are few and far between where I live, but when travelling, they are a must-stop. One needs to revel over Mother Nature’s creations and I can’t help but think that they are as unique as human beings; each with it’s own personality. Some stand a little taller than others. Some are a bit more rotund, others are misshapen but beautiful in their own way. All are just waiting for the right family to appreciate their charm.

kpardell pumpkins-2173kpardell pumpkins-2183kpardell pumpkins-2184

But most of the fun comes in the styling of these gems. You just cannot go wrong if you keep them your featured subject.

kpardell truffle pumkin basket-20176499kpardell sunday pumpkin swirl-20176517


Tonight night marks the highlight of pumpkin fever with Hallowe’en. It will be Sophie’s choice for me as I choose which will undergo the knife. It’s a good thing that I can start my pumpkin search all over again next October.

I can hardly wait. HAPPY HALLOWE’EN!!!!!!!!




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