What to do?

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What to do when you are suddenly faced with an endless amount of free time? I mean, I am somewhat used to this dilemma each June -after all I spent 34 summers enrolling my kids in swim lessons, organizing closets, filing photographs into albums, traveling to vacation locales with the family, gardening, reading and more. But those summers were as active as my work life, only resting for the occasional ice tea on the back deck while catching up on novels from my book club. There was always a list and I was always crossing items off of it. There was only 8 weeks of summer before we had to get ready to begin another autumn shopping for school supplies and setting up my classroom.Now with the rest of my life looming before me and no definitive plan ( the way I want it) I find myself free to do whatever and whenever. And though this can be liberating, it is also daunting. How BEST to use this time? Should I organize the storage room and have a garage sale? Clean house down to the bare bones as I have no need for the clutter that I once had to contend with when 6 children were afoot? Throw out those teaching materials! Away with the old blankets, the old shoes, the years of greeting cards and trophies stockpiled for each child!

I could choose door #1-Clean the entire house and eliminate un-needed memorabilia. Door #2-Focus entirely on new hobbies that if gone unchecked can whittle daylight hours down to zero. Door #3-Do nothing. Lead a life of total abandon. Lay about in pajamas all day. Eat, read and maybe nap.

What to do? Stay tuned for the answer……..

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