Weekly Pleasures-July

Here again are some of my weekly pleasures. I encourage you to stop and think about all the small but nevertheless seemingly insignificant pleasures that cross your path this week. When you do so, you will likely find that your world is full of them…

Quote-I found a great quote this week and have considered it one for the ages.

Quote 1

This quote reminds me to be humble and thankful for the blessings I have had in this life as well as to make the most of each day even if that means sit deeply in the peace and beauty of my backyard, or enjoy the bounce in my grand daughter’s play.

Blog site– I have discovered David Tripp’s blog and am enjoying his beautiful prose. He is retired teacher and prolific writer, so keeping up reading his thoughts each day is a pleasure.

Book- The Girl Before by JP Delaney is a suspense thriller that’ll keep you guessing. A great summer read with a cool and original concept. Ron Howard is making a movie of this popular title.

Movie- I recently watched The Light Between Oceans and Loved the wild scenery of the Australian islands and the tragic story of a lighthouse keeper and the woman he loves.

Flower- Peonies are my favourite flower. Period. The End.

kpardell monday circle heart-20175250

Music- In lieu of the return of my favourite show, I have selected the theme song of Game of Thrones. Can never get enough of it, and since the show is back on, I enjoy every note of it. Replay! RePlay!

Special Tea-Versailles Earl Grey. I bought some of this loose leaf tea with my mother and then promptly lost it upon returning home. 3 weeks later, I found it duly placed in an empty tea can. Go figure that I would put it where it should actually be found!

Store- I just discovered ALCHEMY in Kelowna BC which has treasures that are original and creative and found no where else.

Pie- I just finished off a piece of cherry/peach pie, homemade of course using Okanagan BC fruit with a flaky crust. Divine combination!

kpardell copper pie-20175161

Photography prop- These special scissors add so much character to my still life images. You can check out my Instagram account here if you like.

kpardell midnight lavender-20173490

Favourite Instagram account- This week I discovered clanger. A lovely mix of French architecture and beautiful living.

Do you have some weekly pleasures? What are they? I’d love to hear…

One thought on “Weekly Pleasures-July

  1. Kathy,

    I have been reading all of your Blog post. But when we were gone for the 6 weeks I didn’t have my passwords so I didn’t post comments! I love everything you do. They were so inspirational and helpful!



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