Fall Photography Favorites

As Autumn is my favourite shooting month, I have put together a few of my fall favourites. These are most of the essentials of my photography during September- October as I mix and match for my flatlays.

A wood or canvas backdrop is perfect for arranging items and both evoke a darker and cooler mood. Think greys and browns for styling…

Here are some of my Fall favourites…

fall flatlay


  1. Berries. You cannot do fall layouts without florals and late summer berries take over the stage. Cranberries grow abundantly in my yard and are perfect for styling through the season.
  2. Pine Cones– I love to add texture to my photography and since my evergreens and spruce trees shed their cones during this time, I have plenty to work with. Here I have created a potpourri of cones, acorns, dried berries, dried apples and nut bits.
  3. Leaves-Well if you don’t have these forget it. The quintessential mainstay of Autumn and the lovely colour and varied shapes round out a perfect Autumn flatlay.
  4. Dried lavender. My fresh summer lavender is now dried, and continues to be fragrant. I can use it in teas or just for added texture.
  5. Nests– Would you believe that I was complaining to my husband that I never see any bird’s nests in all my walks through the park trails. The next thing I know, he has put the word out, and Voila! I now have 4 bird’s nests of various sizes! Nests are so unique, and special and fall is the perfect time to display them as our birdies have left for warm weather.kpardell fall nest-20175915
  6. Crab Apples. September fruit and oh so good for jelly making. I am still deciding if I am going to attempt to make it, but nevertheless, adding some fruit to your photo adds colour and shape.
  7. Tea-What is Fall without some new teas to try? As the weather gets cooler, I cozy up with a small pot of tea. This cinnamon rooibos chai hits the spot on a cold fall day. Tea pots and even tea leaves are lovely in photos as well.kpardell fall tea-20175911
  8. Fall linens- grey, browns, natural and black. Checked and plaid-they all work nicely.

Add some books, branches and some coffee and you’re all set. Happy styling!

What are your Fall favourites?

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