A Rooftop Cinema in Brooklyn

I love throwbacks and vintage& I enjoy meandering through shops that feature items from bygone days, things from my youth. I smile when I see 60’s and 70’s memorabilia like trolls, Route 66 signs, K-Way jackets, giant erasers, bell bottom jeans.

Brooklyn is full of such items and places to buy them like under the Manhattan bridge on a flea market day. Even dishes that once graced my table are now “vintage” and I realize with horror that I am probably vintage too…

Mostly I’m glad that we have evolved and many changes have brought more comfort but we could use a little more innocence and joy in shared experiences.

Drive -in movies were common when I was young. I remember seeing the first Star Wars movie (known now as A New Hope) at a drive -in movie theatre when I was seventeen.

40 years later, I had the pleasure of stepping back in time and immersing myself in the very cool experience of an outdoor movie courtesy of a rooftop cinema in Brooklyn. It’s now “in vogue” to see movies outside the traditional setting, and it was oh so charming.

On a lovely warm September evening, my daughter and I enjoyed a flick atop a brick warehouse. We arrived to see a young man standing outside a nondescript black metal door. It was like entering a slick and secret world, where upon showing our tickets we were buzzed in, and after climbing an endless set of stairs we walked out onto a rooftop with hanging lights, a bar and a server who equipped us with headsets, our popcorn and our instructions for listening. The view was spectacular and I was able to get a few shots in before the light faded completely.

kpardell NYC movie-20175940

We chose our seats among other movie buffs, popped open our wine ( you can bring your own drinks!) and settled back to enjoy the flick. Movies by moonlight-that should be the name of this experience.

kpardell NYC movie 2-20175943kpardell NYC movie5-20175961kpardell NYC movie3-20175949

It was a perfect place to enjoy being in the company others where we shared a  fun and “dated” experience. As someone pointed out to me, they are popping up everywhere so maybe drive-ins won’t be far behind. I cannot wait.

Brooklyn-you don’t disappoint. I’ll be back someday to see what else has made its way back into being cool.

kpardell NYC movie4-20175948


2 thoughts on “A Rooftop Cinema in Brooklyn

  1. Love the pictures! It looks like it was a wonderful, fun evening. Cape Breton still has a drive in theatre every summer. It’s great to see the line-ups waiting to enjoy our history.


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