Weekly Pleasures-April

Where do I start?

Now that April has brought some spring weather I can finally, FINALLY begin tackling  a few much-awaited chores. The snow has come and gone and come and gone so many times and with the most snow in our area in over 30 years-we are just now seeing it melt away. There are still snowbanks but they are dwindling, so that is progress and I’m going to look forward to the spring rains to wash away the mud and dirt that inevitably lies beneath the white and wet.

But first, this week- a trip to New York city to see my daughter. The weather there is warm! I don’t have to pack a down coat or heavy sweater so that is my first pleasure!

Other weekly pleasures include the hyacinth bulbs peeking out of the soil. I saved them from last spring to see if they would come back and surprise! They have, albeit pretty late but who cares? Seeing something green positively makes me giddy this week!

kpardell light hyacinth bulbs-20187372Contemplating my spring ranunculus that I pre-ordered through the mail made me want to set up my garden bench and get ready to dig ( after the final remnants of snow have melted away of course.)

kpardell garden quote-

My last college class is over this week- YAY!!! 4+ months of planning, and creating lesson plans, assignments, rubrics and marking papers is coming to an end. It will be soooo nice to be free! I’m sure my students are happier than I am though:))

Last pleasure. I have been waiting all winter to use this nest brought home when I commanded my husband to “find me a nest-please” and he brought home 3 from the bush. Thankfully we have friends that knew exactly where to go for these. I love styling and photographing natural elements.

kpardell raw nest eggs-

I’ll be away later this week, finding some pleasures in New York so stay tuned:))

One thought on “Weekly Pleasures-April

  1. I love how your husband finds you nests!! Enjoy the trip and future gardening!! I’m looking forward to that too.


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