Brown paper packages

I donned my parka and trudged off to the mailbox through drifts of snow, eagerly awaiting a parcel from my friend Aeleen. She makes amazing wrist wraps from loops of knitted wool and they are beautiful.

Aeleen (@prariegirlstudio) opened her online shop 2 weeks ago and she was immediately sold out of these soft and attractive wrist bands that are spun in several different colours. I imagine her sitting by the firelight spinning straw into gold, like the heroine in Rumplelstilskin was challenged to do. Aeleen’s straw is wool and her gold- the lovely long wrist wraps that you see featured here.

The wraps were packaged in an oh so pretty brown box with a sweet handwritten note. Inside, patches of cheese cloth fold over each wrap, protecting them in a delicate cloak of loveliness.

Such details! A gorgeous hand printed card accompanied the treasure. Ahhhh. I love the promise of mail. Of brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favourite things!!

Check out her lovely shop here.

kpardell Aeleen wrist straps-20187310

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