My own backyard

Okay technically these pics are not from my own backyard. My own backyard is a sad tale of overgrown trees, more weeds than you could ever imagine…

And little remaining sod as the tree roots are soaking up every drop of rain but

I have access to beautiful grounds that are lush and resplendent with wildflowers-

that is my friend Joanne’s backyard! She is a gifted gardener and is soon humble about her gorgeous outdoor playground. She welcomed me this morning as I drove out to visit and photograph a few pics and pluck a few poppies.Enjoy!


kpardell Joanne pics-9682

kpardell Joanne pics-9700kpardell Joanne pics-9675kpardell Joanne pics-9668

Upon leaving Joanne’s acreage I stopped on the highway to snap a few more of some nearby fields.

kpardell Joanne pics-9737kpardell Joanne pics-9740kpardell Joanne pics-9745kpardell Joanne pics-9731

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