Sweet Succulents

I am a complete newbie when it comes to succulents. I was rather indifferent to these fleshy, water-storing plants until a friend kept including them in her photography. They added such a wonderful balance to her photos, and they photograph so beautifully that I became enchanted.

Succulents are typically quite expensive, so following plant care with them is pretty important. Drainage is key and no overwatering. There is always the most important element of all-sunlight.

A visit to Calgary and a little research led me to a magical store called PLANT.  It has so many unique containers and many varieties of succulents. You can also buy small bags of soil particular to cacti and succulents. My mother even needed soil for her african violet and they mixed it up a special blend for her right there! Amazing…


I used my iPhone to capture a scene or two from the store.


I have now collected about 7 little plants and I hope that they last through the spring. I tend to exhibit a black thumb when it comes to plants…ack!

Researching the varieties has been interesting, as they don’t typically come with labels. I have had to match them up with images on the internet as I like to know the name and any growing considerations.

kpardell-dark-succulent-pic-20171524If ignoring these plants is part of the growing plan, I should be alright. Once I find the perfect spot in a window, I can let them do their thing and use them for added interest in my photos. I think that they also make a lovely gift for someone special, as many of the succulent varieties form rosettes.Try planting them in jars, clay or glass, use pebbles or rocks for drainage and keep them on windowsills or planters. You can even make your own terrarium. Be sure not to overwater and have fun!

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