Top Ten Reasons why it’s cool to have Adult Children.

by Kathy Pardell


I never wanted my children to grow up to be adults, at least at the beginning. I tried to appreciate and soak in all those charming little moments when they were small and adorable and they went to bed early.

Those sweet baby days are long over and the teen years were interesting. With six children the “teen” years were literally from 2003-2017. My youngest is just now launching into her “College” years and I now have 6 adult children who visit and stay from time to time, and though this is sometimes frustrating it can have it’s perks.

I have listed here my top ten reasons why it’s not too shabby having these young adults around. After all, they HAVE to listen to me right? Well, a mother can wish…

Top Ten Reasons why it’s great having adult children…

  1. They can carry heavy loads from Costco. This can include but is not limited to cases of spaghetti –for them. Boxes of bulk cereal-for them, new mattresses for them
  2. They can water your garden while you’re away traveling. If you leave a detailed schedule!kpardell oslight 1-20174593
  3. They can help you stain the deck. After a MASSIVE bribe has taken place…
  4. They can be great sounding boards and even offer some decent advice. Especially on why adult children should live at home for one more year…
  5. They can do errands such as pick up your dry-cleaning. kpardell oslight2-20174595
  6. They can take their childhood treasures back to their own home…sometimes.
  7. They can occasionally have a drink with you…IMG_7036
  8. They can help with techie stuff! Especially if you’re frustrated enough to pay them…kpardell Tech-20174610
  9. They can do household chores somewhat effectively. I did say “somewhat.”kpardell oslight-20174601


And the Number Ten reason is…

10. They can give you grandkids! Now there’s the best reason of all.

daddy and aubreyDo you have any  to add to the list? Please let me know in the comments below!

One thought on “Top Ten Reasons why it’s cool to have Adult Children.

  1. Wasn’t it less than 3 years ago that you swore you were too young to be a grandmother? Little angels sure can change our perspective, eh?


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