Something exciting is Coming

This is how my good friend Kim began her latest post…Something exciting is coming. Those words grab you right? Instantly my senses are heightened…what could she mean? Will it be exciting for ME? I would assume so, since she is not one to boast or call attention to herself and besides, she offers classes and information on Photoshop and much more. So… must be for all of us. Hmmm.

Something exciting is coming.

In these crazy times, where bad news seem to rule the day, the prospect of something uplifting sounds wonderful. Oh the possibilities…

Is it a new show on Netflix? A must-read tell all? Is it a gadget to make our lives even easier than it already is? Is it an easy weight-loss program that GUARANTEES results? A parade? A march? An event?

Something to nourish my soul I hope. I’m all about positive change and I respond well to ways to grow my spirit and learn how to be a better human. In fact, we could all use some soul candy. Yes, I hope that’s it. An exciting idea that fuses community instead of breaking it down. Too much bad juju going around these days…

kpardell soul nourishment-

If I were to say these words to you, ‘Something Exciting is Coming’ what would you want it to be? Do tell:)



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