Autumn Pleasures

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I love overcast days in September. They make the days more productive as I am not itching to do yard work, or meet friends for a drink on a restaurant patio the way that glorious sunny days entice us to. Overcast days just motivate me to do more, especially get outdoors and take advantage of the slightly cooler weather. And it is my way of relaxing and giving thanks for this beautiful world.

Walking with one of my kids is a treat. It is a rarity and I have been known to force one of them along with me. It goes something like this;

Me: “You don’t have to do the supper dishes if you go on a walk with me.”

Youngest daughter: ” I’ll do the supper dishes.”

Me: “I’ll make you Joni’s Brownies if you walk with me.”

Youngest son: “I don’t need them and I’m pretty sure I have rugby practice right now.”

Middle son: ” Pass.”

And so it goes…

Until… Oldest daughter arrives.Oh happy day.

Me: ” Let’s go for a walk!”

Oldest daughter: “Okay but I’m riding a bike.” Hmmm. This is a technicality I am willing to overlook for the sake of having company.

Me: “Great!” Unfortunately she isn’t able to come home too often, so I jump at the chance to share my love of walking/nature with her. It’s overcast-a great opportunity for some nature shots.So we set off onto our city trails to enjoy the last of Autumn leaves, the colours and the cooling breezes.



We come upon a creek bank where of course she  must pose. Don’t all kids these days know how to mug for the camera?






We were on the trails alone and able to stop and examine the colourful branches,the shrivelled berries as we made our way along and breathe in the autumn air while enjoying the quiet of birdsong and crunching leaves. Walking in nature brings a peaceful wash over me; I am instantly calmer and better able to deal with daily stresses. It has been  treat.


As our walk comes to a close and we leave the golds and oranges and bits of red behind, and we circle back to our house, I am thrilled to see a lone pear tree-bearing beautiful fruit.



I’ve never seen one before. It’s gorgeous and it’s standing proudly at the end of my street.

Perhaps another walk tonight with an evening companion (pair of pruning shears) is in order for me tonight!

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